Quality Policy

We, Çeksan, being aware of that Road sweeping Vehicles sector is a sector requiring specific attention, contributing significantly to the economy of country and requiring continuous improvement and continuing its operations accordingly, we are committed to

  • Meet customer needs on time and as required,
  • Be open for change and to develop ourselves continuously,
  • Prepare necessary infrastructure for implementing our management system and ensure participation of our employees to the system,
  • Follow up and comply with legal regulations on environment and occupational safety during our operations,
  • Meet customer needs and expectations in the best manner we can during before and after sales operations and to maintain customer satisfaction at top level,
  • To develop mutual business relationships with our suppliers who are considered as strategic partners of our company and to develop and grow together through a sound cooperation,
  • Improve system continuously in order to keep our innovative and competitive route by determining measurable targets at each phase of our processes and to adapt this as mode of life.
  • To implement efficient and productive quality system in compliance with legal requirements of the country we operate in while trying to reach our strategic targets.