• 1838 mm wheelbase.
  • 12V electric system with auxiliary battery support.
  • Waste tank with 2m3 gross volume.
  • 370 liter total water capacity with 185 liter volume clean water tank, and additional recycled water tank with 185 liter.
  • Kubota V3800 Euro2 engine.
  • Diesel engine 1800 RPM while sweeping, 900RPM at idle mode.
  • 85 liter volumecapacity fuel tank
  • Vacuum sweeping with 7500m3/h suction performance.
  • Suction fan is hydraulically driven from diesel engine.
  • Hydraulic power is received from the pumps that are attached to the engine via flywheel and PTO driven pump.
  • Following the ground is moisturized by water spraying, VOS2000 will be brushing the area, will suck the swept materials via vacuuming to the waste tank. The waste tank will be lifted hydraulically and be discharged to the garbage site.
  • Aerodynamic formed suction nozzle with 800mm width
  • Maximum suction capacity with optimal hose design
  • Kick back mechanism at brushes.
  • Hydraulically control of brush mechanism movements
  • Tanks are made of Aluminium
  • The pump used for water spraying nozzle has 4.2 bar pressure and 11lt/dk flow.
  • Water level gauge both in analog and digital.
  • Filter at water pump suction side
  • The radiator that is used for engine cooling and the radiator that is used for hydrolic system oil are combined into one piece.
  • Brush trays has 480mm diameter.
  • No control for water flow.
  • Brush rotation speed could be controlled via potentiometer in the cabin.
  • Fan speed could be controlled via potentiometer in the cabin.
  • Brush pressure on the ground could be adjusted via digital screen in the cabin
  • Waste discharge gate is opened/closed via two hydraulic cylinder.
  • Waste tank lifting system has load holder valve as a safety feature.
  • Waste tank discharge angle at 48°
  • Waste discharge gate is opening angle at 38.5° 
  • Two units of front headlight with 12 V; signal light on right and left fenders; two units of stop lights behind of the waste tank; two reverse movement lights on the bumper; a turning warning light on the top of the waste tank


Suction Mouth (±5)   810 mm
Suction Mouth and Brushes (±10) 1500 mm
Optimum Sweeping Width (±10) 2500 mm
Maksimum  Sweeping Width (±10) 2600 mm
Length with Brushes 4580 mm
Length Except Brushes 4260 mm
Width with Brushes 1500 mm
Width Except Brushes 1320 mm
Height without Warning Lamp 2000 mm
Height with Warning Lamp 2335 mm
Wheelbase 1838 mm
Track width 1250 mm
Weight 2950 kg
Allowed Payload 4500 kg